About Me

I’m a 16 year old full time student who likes to code. I aspire to work in the computing industry and hope to achieve that goal in the near future.

I enjoy cycling and watching football (Sheffield United FC. and Eastleigh FC). My Bitcoin Verification Address is: 1VERiFyjzg5oQKkFViV3XaALNKZtDkCyL and My Bitcoin Tip Address is: 1BeNEdictBLbmVJ9LXkSwqiyWWf36XKTD1 .


Azure-Ethereum-mine Azure-Crypto-Mine
Bash scripts created in order to assist a user in mining Cryptocurrency on the Microsoft Azure platform.
Simple Translator for Alexa
A simple translator app that I coded using flask-ask with python. It had over 100+ downloads in the first week. (It is currently offline due to costs.)
Dogfight JC3 Gamemode
A Dogfight gamemode for the Just Cause 3 Multiplay Modification developed by the Nanos team.
@btcvalue is a twitter bot that I created using python that tweets the bitcoin price on a interval with a dynamically made graph. This was made using python.(Currently Offline due to server costs.)
LiWinSteam is a program that makes it easy to download video game binaries from steam. This is coded in python.
DaT Gaming
This was a Garry's Mod server that I ran in 2014 which was running the DarkRP gamemode. Through people paying for ranks, I made a profit of over £1000+.
Gear eSports
Gear eSports was a website I created in 2016 to store a database of all the eSport professionals gear that they used.